Hands on: Alienware X14

The Alienware X14 follows both the X15 and X17, revealed at CES 2021. The idea behind both of these gaming laptops was to give extraordinary performance in a lattice that was n’t so thick. In practice, still, both of the laptops ended up being not important thinner than the M15 and M17, just with a more advanced cooling result.

Still at CES 2022, the Alienware X14 is the first time that Dell’s charge to make a high- end and movable gaming laptop has started to come to consummation.

To be clear, you ’re not going to be suitable to buy this thing with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, busting out high framerates at 4K with shaft dogging enabled. This is a laptop that’s limited to the RTX 3060, but that’s still a important plates processor, especially for 1080p PC games. If you ’ve been staying for a further movable gaming laptop from Alienware – this might be the bone for you.

Price and vacuity
We ’re not relatively sure when the Alienware X14 will be available, but it’s likely to show up on store shelves eventually within the coming many months. We also do n’t relatively know how important this thing will bring, but given that it peaks with an RTX 3060, it’s doubtful that it’ll be that precious.

Also again, because the deals pitch is that it’s a ultraexpensive gaming device that you can carry around like it’s a lower laptop, we could see Dell putting a price decoration on it. Either way, we ’ll only know when Dell lifts the robe on this information. We ’ll update this composition as soon as we get an update from the company.
Still, you ’re presumably going to fete the Alienware X14, If you ’ve seen any of Alienware’s recent gaming laptops. In substance, it looks like the Alienware X15, but a little lower and a lot thinner. This laptop measures in at just0.57 elevation thick, and weighs just4.06 lb for the completely accoutre out interpretation.

This thin and light design is a benefit for anyone looking for a gaming laptop they can carry around in their pack without demanding back surgery within a couple of times, but it does come with a bit of a debit – you can only get it with over to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. This is entirely due to cooling, as a more important GPU would burn up in this lattice, or would have to run at such a low wattage that it would n’t be worth it anyway.

The cut-down cooler design also has a lot to do with this GPU limitation. Rather than the quadrangle- addict design that differentiates the Alienware X15 and X17 from the M15 and M17, the design is cut down to a binary- addict configuration. We’ll have to get the laptop into our labs to see how important of a difference this makes, but on the face it makes sense why Dell had to limit the silicon put in the Alienware X14.

That will be plenitude of juice to power the display anyway however. This laptop will come equipped with a 14- inch FHD panel, clocked at 144Hz. That may be far from cutting edge, but it’s the perfect pairing for the GPU. You ’re going to be suitable to play enough important anything, and the display looks enough great – at least in the controlled terrain Dell showed it to us in.

Still, it would probably have to do with the reverse articulation, If we were to carp on the size at all. There’s a bit of the sundeck that extends behind the display when the laptop is open, which means the laptop is a little longer than it needs to be. It stopped us from fitting the laptop into our small laptop bag – we promise we were n’t trying to steal it – so you ’re still going to need a pack designed for at least a 15- inch laptop, indeed though it’s a 14- inch device.

That’s commodity that’s not true for the Razer Blade 14 that came out last time, and it’s a bit disappointing then, especially since the Alienware X14 is a laptop that’s being pitched on the virtue of easy portability.

There’s a slight benefit to that redundant space in the reverse of the lattice though – anchorages. Indeed for a laptop this small, there’s a wide array of anchorages on offer, with two Thunderbolt 4 anchorages, one USB-C harborage, also used for charging, a USB-A, an SD card anthology, HDMI a headphone jack – commodity Dell cut out for another movable laptop at CES 2022.

It’s nice to have all of this in the reverse of the laptop, because it means you wo n’t have to deal with any lines getting in the way while playing your favorite PC games.

And of course, because it’s a ultraexpensive Alienware device, it’s accoutre out with all the gaming crotchets we all love. Plenitude of RGB lighting, including an RGB trackpad, and one of the most comfortable gaming keyboards plant in a laptop of this size.
Because the Alienware X14 only has up to an RTX 3060, you presumably should n’t anticipate it to run Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K or anything. Still, it’s packed with the rearmost H-series processors from Intel, which should at least have it keeping up with the stylish gaming laptops when it comes to CPU performance.

The RTX 3060 configuration is specced out for a uttermost plates power of 85W, which is enough high for such a thin laptop, so you should n’t lose out on too important performance then compared to other bias with the same GPU. Still, that will entirely depend on how effective the cooling is – and that’s where the Alienware X14 is really going to sink or float.

We wo n’t know how well any of this works until we get it into our labs for a full review, but dispensable to say we ’re intrigued. We ’ve started to see thinner gaming laptops over the last time with bias like the Asus TUF Gusto F15, but those bias have always come with hindered performance. Perhaps Dell has plant the secret formula then. Only time will tell.
Early verdict
The Alienware X14 is just a lower interpretation of a winning design from Alienware, so it looks promising. What’s really going to make or break this laptop is how well performance and thermals will gauge with this lattice.

We’re also not huge suckers of the redundant bit on the reverse of the laptop that stops it from fitting in lower bags, but we ’re sure that’s a problem that will only apply to a nonage of this laptop’s implicit followership anyway.

But from what it looks like, this is going to be an excellent gaming laptop for on-the- go use, and we ca n’t stay to carry it around for a while to see if Alienware’s vision has been executed.

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